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ballet flats jeans

Directed by Bryan Anthony, the show celebrates the season, and the American philosophy of life. Roles are open to actors 8 through 18; no experience needed. If cast, there will be a $50 participation fee. To receive an audition time, register at Performances will be Dec. 13, 14, 15, 20, 21, 22. For information, call 925-216-4613. Teachers’ recital set for Sunday at LMC. PITTSBURG — The Delta Branch of The Music Teachers’ Association of California presents an annual Teacher Recital at 3 p.m. Sunday at Los Medanos College Recital Hall, 2700 E. Leland Road, Pittsburg.

Guttman’s paintings are rooted in both geometric and organic forms, and the natural world — fields and gardens — often provides the inspiration for her introspective work, The paintings are referential, ballet flats jeans not realistic, and the process transforms literal representations into nonobjective evocations, The gallery is at 1661 Botelho Drive, Suite 110, in downtown Walnut Creek just off California Boulevard, In addition to the “Memory Gardens” exhibit on the gallery main walls, the gallery has 30 rolling walls, which display more than 300 additional works of art, Go to, or call the gallery at 925-935-4311..

“We’re excited about the ballet’s upcoming season,” said board chair Millicent Powers, “which is a tribute to all of the great support shown by the community over the past months.”. And yet, the drama backstage continues, as the ballet, which has renamed itself Silicon Valley Ballet (from Ballet San Jose Silicon Valley) pushes toward a looming fundraising goal. The good news is the company has raised $2.3 million toward its $3.5 million goal, and has pushed back the original deadline of October to May 2016, after the end of the season. Officials say they are confident of making their goal.

Emerging from a closed-door briefing on Thursday, Rep, Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii, an Iraq war veteran, said she wanted answers about what would happen after a U.S, attack but her own military experience was giving her “great pause” before making a decision, Rep, Alan Grayson, D-Fla., was resolute in his opposition, “It’s simply not our responsibility,” he said, wearing a tie covered with 1960s peace symbols, In the Senate, Democrats Chris Murphy of Connecticut and Tom Udall of New Mexico opposed the resolution to authorize a strike when it was up for a committee vote while recently elected Massachusetts Sen, Ed Markey, who succeeded Secretary of State John Kerry, voted present, West Virginia Sen, Joe Manchin, one of the party’s most moderate members, said he would oppose the resolution, More than a dozen Democratic ballet flats jeans senators are supporting it..

It would be churlish to complain about such a salary, however: $100,000 a year is still far more than many Americans dream of, particularly in this less-than-stellar economy, and certainly at the upper end of the middle class. Now you have to save that money as well as living on it. How much can you save? A standard and sensible budget, advocated by LearnVest and others, is to use a simple formula called 50/20/30. This means that you spend 50% of your salary on expenses. Another 30% goes to lifestyle expenses – the things that make life liveable unless you prefer living in a hut: cable and phone plans, clothes, books, gym fees, childcare and pets, restaurants and entertainment.