ballet pointe shoe fine art print

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ballet pointe shoe fine art print

ballet pointe shoe fine art print ballet pointe shoe fine art print ballet pointe shoe fine art print ballet pointe shoe fine art print

ballet pointe shoe fine art print

Brentwood Community Center call for artists. BRENTWOOD — The Public Art Wall project with the city of Brentwood offers local artists a chance to introduce their work to the general public and connect with regional art organizations. Located at the Brentwood Community Center, this ongoing exhibition is designed to enhance community access to the Community Center and create partnerships between artists and the Brentwood Arts Commission. The public spaces will showcase artists and art organizations in Brentwood. There will be first preference for Brentwood residents followed by those from other East County cities and communities.

Founder Michael Smuin was a principal dancer at American Ballet Theatre and San Francisco Ballet before serving as the co-artistic director for SFB from 1973 to 1985, In 1994, the Tony and Emmy Award-winning choreographer created his own company that blended ballet with Broadway, reimagining the art form, often seen as elitist, into something everyone could enjoy, This approach sometimes earned him rebuke from purists, but his charismatic personality and his company’s cheeky and ballet pointe shoe fine art print talented performances shone in spite of such dismissals..

DELAWARE TOWNSHIP, N.J. — While his eighth-grade classmates took state standardized tests this spring, Tucker Richardson woke up late and played basketball in his Delaware Township driveway. Tucker’s parents, Wendy and Will, are part of a small but growing number of parents nationwide who are ensuring their children do not participate in standardized testing. They are opposed to the practice for myriad reasons, including the stress they believe it brings on young students, discomfort with tests being used to gauge teacher performance, fear that corporate influence is overriding education and concern that test prep is narrowing curricula down to the minimum needed to pass an exam.

“Pittsburg is very much a cultural town, and we want to keep it that way and keep it more multicultural,” Lopez said, “You know, Cesar Chavez really didn’t just touch the lives of Latinos but everybody, all across the board.”, Lopez remembers a few years ago asking young people who Cesar Chavez was and being met with blank faces, Hopefully, that’s no longer true for a man whose biggest legacy was that of possibility, “He taught us that if ballet pointe shoe fine art print people get involved, they can change what happens,” Lopez said..

Musical direction is by Greg Zema and choreography by Allison Paraiso. Performances are at 8 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays, and 2 p.m. Sundays at CCCT, 951 Pomona Ave. Tickets and details are available at or by calling 510-524-9012. Admission is free, with any donations made at the performance going a charitable cause. The church has hosted the concerts for a number of years, with proceeds from past performances going to purchase mosquito nets for families in malaria-prone areas; provide microloans to help women start businesses; buy goats to provide dairy products for families in hot, dry climates; and assist local organizations that provide help, food, and shelter for youth and families.