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The bulk of the story, however, concerns a far less playful romance, in which Benedick’s buddy Claudio is all set to marry Beatrice’s cousin Hero but is tricked into thinking that she’s unfaithful and publicly shames her at the altar, ruining her life. How will the young lovers possibly bounce back from this misunderstanding, and why would Hero ever want Claudio back after that?. TheatreFIRST’s production of the popular comedy is the 23-year-old company’s foray into Shakespeare, presented for free in John Hinkel Park. The former home of California Shakespeare Theater back when it was the Berkeley Shakespeare Festival, the outdoor amphitheater at Hinkel has hosted a string of back-to-back Shakespeare productions this summer by Actors Ensemble of Berkeley, the Free Theater, Inferno Theatre Company and now TheatreFIRST.

Yet “Company” was regarded as groundbreaking for its relatively frank discussion of adult relationships and sexuality when it premiered in 1970, going on to be nominated for 14 Tony Awards and winning six for its first Broadway run, Now it seems very much like a period piece, even if the program for the production that opens Town Hall Theatre’s 70th season lists the setting as “present-day New York.” The way people talk and their attitudes are very much of the late 1960s, even if you ballet shoes m insert a smartphone into the staging here and there..

There are a lot of cool shows happening this week, especially at the Fox Theater in Oakland. Here’s a roundup of your best bets in the San Jose, San Francisco and Oakland areas. “Weird Al” Yankovic: The legendary satirist has hit the road with The Ridiculously Self-Indulgent, Ill-Advised Vanity Tour, which, yes, just might be the greatest title of any tour in pop music history. Yankovic performs May 19 at the Fox Theater in Oakland. Comedian Emo Philips, who appeared in the 1989 film “UHF” with Yankovic, is also on the bill. Details: 8 p.m.; $45-$85;

“You show ‘Mao’s Last Dancer’ to a young person in China today, they’re going to go ‘Wow, THAT happened?” The young people that I meet there seem so nationalistic, It’s a dangerously narrow way to think, They are so caught up in national pride that they don’t see their country as it truly is.”, Someday, she hopes, “China will be free to remember the Cultural Revolution and see it in movies like ours.”, And Beresford fully expects to have the last laugh, In the movie, Li Cunxin is inspired by ballet shoes m a smuggled VHS tape of Soviet defector and ballet superstar Mikhail Baryshnikov, The same thing happens in China today..

The practice began out of superstition. She started writing her first book, “The House of the Spirits,” on this date, and it became an international best-seller. She then kept it as a discipline. But it was a strange year (she doesn’t want to call it a bad one), a year away from writing after great losses: her publicist, two friends, even her beloved dog had died. Her marriage of 27 years had ended. “So, this year, on Jan. 7th, I asked myself: What on earth am I going to write tomorrow? And I felt that I didn’t have much of anything,” Allende said in a telephone interview. “I could not get a word or a sentence on the page.”.