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ballet slippers red

“I want to share my talents with the kids, with the next generation,” Dean said, calling the play “a priceless memory for me.”. In Saturday’s version, “The Judge Rabbit” tells the story of a bird, Sarika, who lives in a magical forest. She encounters a rambunctious monkey during a big storm. The monkey burns down her nest after she politely declines to share her small and fragile home. They call upon the wise and fair Judge Rabbit to decide who is in the right. At its core, the story is about telling right from wrong.

“The Get Down” is undeniably interesting to watch, but I feel it’s my duty to also say: What a mess, The first episode struggles with the basic rules of viewer seduction, but a story emerges anyhow of the unlikely friendship between Ezekiel “Books” Figuero (Justice Smith), an artistically gifted but unmotivated teenager, and Shaolin Fantastic (Shameik Moore), The ballet slippers red two desire to form a DJ crew to produce beats and rhymes that may one day rival that of their hero, Grandmaster Flash (Mamoudou Athie)..

It wasn’t a bad show, by any means. JT is simply too talented and professional to deliver one of those. But it definitely was a show that left one feeling like it should have been better — way better. It doesn’t help matters that the Man of the Woods Tour — in support of Timberlake’s 2018 album of the same name — kicks off with “Filthy,” which just might be the worst single of 2018 as well as of the superstar’s career. Things didn’t improve much as the star led his crew into another new album track, “Midnight Summer Jam,” which is one of those numbing dance tunes that feels like it took Timberlake about five minutes to come up with.

For tickets, call 510-843-4822 or go to, Sensitively directed by Carey Perloff, the one-man show features David Strathairn (a veteran performer of both stage and screen) as the librarian whose life is transformed when a book is returned ballet slippers red 113 years overdue, In a tour de force performance, Strathairn transforms his character from a conservative loner to a joyful explorer as his obsession leads him on a worldwide quest, It is truly a joy to watch this consummate performer work his magic..

Call them “Grammy moments” if you must — they feel more like branding partnerships designed to bridge diverging demographics. The veterans lend the rookies some gravitas. The kiddos Febreze their heroes with relevance. Time goes blurry as today’s acts are forced to present their art within the context of yesterday, creating a familiar warmth but very few sparks. Wonder is no stranger to this stuff. He last performed a Grammy-night duet with the Jonas Brothers in 2009. Paul McCartney — scheduled to perform on Sunday’s program with Ringo Starr — took part in two collaborative Grammy performances in 2012; he dueted with Dave Grohl in 2009; and he sang alongside Linkin Park and Jay Z in 2006. Elton John and Lionel Richie are legendary Grammy loiterers, too. They haven’t been announced as a part of Sunday’s lineup, but who knows when the next Grammy moment might strike?.