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best ballet slippers hot sale

2020 offerings include Handel’s “Aci, Galatea e Polifemo” (Jan. 22-Feb. 1) in the Bay Area premiere of a co-production by Philharmonia and National Sawdust first presented in New York in 2017. Directed by Christopher Alden, the cast includes Costanzo, Tines and soprano Lauren Snouffer. “The Well-Caffeinated Clavier” (Feb. 7-12) features Philharmonia’s music director designate, Richard Egarr, leading an all-Bach program; McGegan returns to the podium for “Romantic Reflections” (March 11-15, 2020), featuring works by Mendelssohn, Schubert, and Cherubini. The season closes with Leclair’s “Scylla et Glaucus” (April 15-19, 2020.) With Gens in her San Francisco debut, McGegan leads a fully staged production by the creative team of director-choreographer Catherine Turocy and the New York Baroque Dance Company, who contributed to Philharmonia’s brilliant 2017 performances (and subsequent recording) of Rameau’s “The Temple of Glory.” The orchestra’s popular “Sessions” series and a Shakespeare-themed tour program with stops in Livermore and Carmel complete the season. Subscription tickets are $90-$660; single tickets go on sale at a later date. 415-295-1900;

Walnut Creek, the Lesher Center, Diablo Regional Arts Association, and Chevron sponsor the event, Information and tickets for the Chevron Family Theatre Festival are available at, Summer concerts at Orinda Community Park, Summer Concerts in the Park continue from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m, most Tuesdays, best ballet slippers hot sale at Orinda Community Park, 25 Orinda Way, Upcoming performances are What the Funk! on July 12 playing Motown and R&B; Lamorinda Idol on July 17; Opera in the Park with Solo Opera on Sunday, July 24; blues group Blind to Reason on July 26; the pop sounds of Spill the Wine on Aug, 2; and the Dave Alt 18-piece Big Band performing jazz music on Aug, 9..

The San Francisco Symphony concerts this coming week feature both a Beethoven Overture that might be considered a predecessor to film scores and a seldom-performed Violin Concerto by 20th-century composer Paul Hindemith. The evening is topped off with what many consider the crowning glory of Johannes Brahms, his Symphony No. 4. Conducting the orchestra  will be another of Europe’s gifts to the world of music, Polish-born German conductor Marek Janowski.  Now considered one of the world’s leading conductors of both opera and symphony, he is especially known for his interpretations of the music of Richard Wagner and Anton Bruckner. Maestro Janowski was born in Warsaw in 1939, but grew up in Wuppertal, Germany.  Since 2002, he has served as artistic director of the Berlin Radio Symphony. He made his San Francisco Symphony debut in 1990 and has returned several times since, most recently in 2013.  It will be a pleasure hearing this expert on Wagner and his follower Bruckner conduct Beethoven, Brahms and Hindemith.

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The free festival, which is an offshoot of an ancient annual Hindu tradition from India, is a fun, family-friendly event that will be held from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Bishop Ranch 2 parking lot, 2680 Bishop Drive. Organizers describe the event as beautiful, messy and fun. Also on tap will be plenty of free activities for the family, including face painting, henna tattoo artists, dance performances and live music, as well as mobile gourmet food trucks. The carnival of colors allows people to frolic around playfully and chase each other with dry colored powders, covering each other with the hues of spring. Participants should bring a pair of old clothes to take part in this free family event. For more information, call the Bishop Ranch’s community and outreach office at 925-543-0100.