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iphone cases 8

Apple still doesn't offer an iPad-friendly version of the store app. So tablet users are stuck running the app in a fuzzy full-screen mode or zooming in to view it in a smaller screen. The Apple Store app lets mobile users purchase iPhones, iPads, Macs, and other products along with a slew of accessories. Buyers can order items online and have them sent to their homes or to their nearest Apple retail store for pickup. Shoppers in the store can also use the app to pay for and check out products without having to go through a salesperson.

And iphone cases 8 we ponder whether the opposite of "A New Hope" is " The Ancient Fear", which could be the title of "Star Wars Episode VII", Tesco off its trolley with rumoured Galaxy S5 rival in CNET UK Podcast 388 Your browser does not support the audio element, Having problems with our audio player? Try this link, After that, we hear from you -- that's right, you -- in our feedback section, Keep telling us what you think of the show and the rest of the week's technology news in the comments below, iTunes (MP3) | iTunes (HD) | iTunes (HQ) | iTunes (SD)..

On the watch, click the middle button to open the app listing and scroll up to Settings > Quiet Time by pressing the middle button to select each item. Here you can manually enable quiet time, have it automatically enable and disable itself based on your calendar entries, set times throughout the week when it should turn on or off and indicate what interruptions-if any-you want to allow. To quickly enable or disable Quiet Time, say for an impromptu meeting, you can hold in the back button on the left side of your watch until it vibrates.

In addition to bringing music to cell phones, AT&T plans to bring its TV and broadband Internet services onto the tiny screen as well, AT&T will be highlighting this new strategy as it broadcasts the Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta, Ga., on all three screens for the first time, From April 2-8, the company will offer video previews, highlights and other coverage iphone cases 8 of the Masters Tournament through its IPTV U-Verse and Homezone services, as well as through its Internet portals and on mobile phones..

CNET has contacted Facebook for comment on the rumored project. We will update this story when we have more information. Update 10:55 a.m. PT: Android Police reports that it's seen screenshots and a system dump, which it says shows "a mid-range HTC phone codenamed 'Myst'..[that] sounds a lot like the previously-leaked HTC Opera from last November, too, which was also billed as the alleged 'Facebook phone.'"Among the most interesting findings, Android Police writes, are some permissions spotted in the code.